Do Aftermarket Parts Like Grilles/Splitters/Diffusers Void Warranty?

Do Aftermarket Parts Like Grilles/Splitters/Diffusers Void Warranty?

For car enthusiasts, customising a vehicle is a passion. However, a common concern is whether adding aftermarket parts like grilles, splitters, or diffusers voids the car's warranty. Although the modifications often do not affect your warranty, it still depends on your car manufacturer, so knowing these few things will help you understand whether adding aftermarket parts will void the warranty.

 Navigating Car Warranties with Modifications

Car warranties cover defects from the factory, not changes you make. However, not every modification affects your warranty equally.

 External Customisation Parts

Attaching external customisation parts like carbon fibre spoilers, gloss black splitters, or side skirts is usually safe for your warranty. These additions are typically seen as surface-level enhancements, boosting the car's appearance without changing its core mechanics or safety elements.

BMW Carbon Fiber PSM Style Spoiler for G20 & G80 M3

Interior Enhancements and Small Changes

Likewise, updating the interior trim, paddle shifters, or seat backs is often considered safe. These changes are mainly for looks and don't usually interfere with how the car functions.

Modifying Wheels, Spacers, and Suspension

Modifying your car's wheels, adding spacers, and altering the suspension can change how your car looks and drives, but these changes are generally safe for your warranty. Be cautious with combining spacers and lowering springs, as drastically changing your car's height can impact its handling and potentially its safety.

Original vs. Aftermarket Tuning

Sticking with OEM components and factory-provided ECU tunes is often the safer route. These are designed to integrate seamlessly with your car. However, be wary of aftermarket ECU tuning, as this could flag issues with warranty providers, particularly if it leads to engine trouble.

Rear Diffuser With Exhaust Tips

 Exhaust System Adjustments and Software Tuning

Upgrading your exhaust system is a common modification, but keep in mind to stay within the limits of your warranty. Completely overhauling the system could pose issues, whereas more minor modifications like cat-back exhausts are typically acceptable.

 Balancing Upgrades with Warranty Considerations

If you're thinking about making performance improvements like suspension or exhaust system upgrades, it's essential to keep in mind that you might be putting your car warranty at risk in exchange for enhanced performance. Warranties can be voided or affected by any modification that alters the car from its original condition in a way that leads to damage or malfunction. This includes, but is not limited to, performance modifications.

Rear Spoiler

 Is it Safe to Install Aftermarket Car Parts?

 Modifying your car doesn't necessarily mean losing your warranty. By knowing the correct information, you can customise your car to suit your style and enhance its performance, all while protecting your warranty. The quality of your aftermarket car parts also determines whether it'll affect your car's performance, so to be safe, it's best to use high-quality car parts, such as those available at Euro Empire Auto.

We recommend checking with your car's manufacturer to understand how different mods might affect your warranty. Our selection, from sleek ABS plastic fittings to premium carbon fibre options, caters to various styles and needs. So, if you're still confused about which aftermarket parts to add to customise your car, simply give us a call or drop an email, and we'll guide you through it.