Top 10 Aftermarket Parts Upgrades for Mercedes CLA (W117/C117 2013-2018)


Owning a Mercedes CLA (W117/C117 2013-2018) means you are aware of its perfect fusion of performance, style, and luxury. There is, yet, always space for improvement. Adding premium aftermarket car parts to your CLA can improve its look, performance, and general driving pleasure. The best ten aftermarket parts upgrades for your Mercedes CLA will be covered below, each carefully selected to satisfy both specialists and lovers of the car.

1. Grilles


Mercedes Panamericana GT AMG Front Grille

The Mercedes Panamericana GT AMG Front Grille enhances cooling efficiency and gives your CLA a sportier, more aggressive appearance. AMG GT-inspired, this grille is a must-have for anyone wishing to create a big impression on the road.

2. Ambient Lighting


AMG Style Ambient Light LED Air Vents

Upgrade your CLA's interior with AMG Style Ambient Light LED Air Vents. These vents add a modern touch to your interior with customizable ambient lighting, enhancing the cabin's look and feel. The sleek design and vibrant colours can completely transform your driving experience.

EQS Style Ambient Light LED Air Vents

For a luxurious feel, the EQS Style Ambient Light LED Air Vents are another excellent option. These vents bring a high-end ambience to your CLA's interior, making every drive a pleasure.

3. Spoilers and Splitters


Carbon Fiber FD Style Rear Spoiler

The Carbon Fibre FD Style Rear Spoiler makes your car look better and go faster by adding style and making it less windy. This spoiler is made for car fans who care about both how things look and how they work.

Front Splitter in the Brabus Style

The Brabus Style Front Splitter makes your CLA better at cutting through the air. It's a popular choice among Mercedes fans because of its powerful look and high-quality materials.

Gloss/Carbon Look Maxton Style Front Splitter

For a sleek, aggressive look, the Gloss/Carbon Look Maxton Style Front Splitter is perfect. It improves downforce and gives your CLA a distinctive edge on the road.

4. Canards


Front Canards Made of Carbon Fibre

For people who love performance, the Carbon Fibre Front Canards are great because they give your CLA downforce and a race-inspired look. These canards make your car look unique and make it more stable at high speeds.

5. Infotainment System Upgrade


Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter

Modernize your CLA's infotainment system with the Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter. This adapter allows wireless connection of your iPhone to your car's infotainment system, providing easy access to apps, navigation, and media without the hassle of cables.

6. Interior Dashboard


Carbon Fiber AMG Interior Dashboard Trim

With the Carbon Fibre AMG Interior Dashboard Trim, you can change how your dashboard looks. This upgrade gives the inside of your CLA a sleek, high-performance look that makes the whole car feel better.

7. Illuminated Grille Star


Illuminated LED Grille Star

Add a unique touch to your front grille with the Illuminated LED Grille Star. This star provides illumination, making your CLA stand out at night and adding a distinctive flair to its front end.

8. Seat Back Covers


Carbon Fiber AMG Seat Back Covers

Enhance the interior look of your CLA with Carbon Fiber AMG Seat Back Covers. These covers provide a high-quality, race-inspired feel, making your car's interior as impressive as its exterior.

9. Hood Upgrades


Carbon Fiber Hood

Getting a Carbon Fibre Hood makes your CLA lighter and gives its front end a sporty, powerful look. This upgrade improves both speed and looks, which makes it a popular choice among car fans.

10. Diffusers


Carbon Fiber CLA45 Style Rear Diffuser

The Carbon Fiber CLA45 Style Rear Diffuser is designed for the W117 FL, adding a distinctive and aggressive touch to the rear of your CLA. This diffuser is perfect for those looking to replicate the high-performance look of the CLA45.

Carbon Fiber Future Design Style Rear Diffuser

Upgrade your CLA with the Carbon Fiber Future Design Style Rear Diffuser for a modern and unique look. This diffuser combines aesthetics with functionality, enhancing the car's rear end with a cutting-edge design.

Carbon Fiber AMG Style Rear Diffuser

Enhance the rear aesthetics of your CLA with the Carbon Fiber AMG Style Rear Diffuser. This diffuser not only adds a sporty look but also improves aerodynamics, giving your vehicle a sportier appearance.


Upgrading your Mercedes CLA with these high-quality aftermarket parts can significantly enhance its aesthetics, performance, and overall driving experience. From grilles and spoilers to ambient lighting and infotainment upgrades, each part is designed to meet the needs of discerning car enthusiasts.

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