Customizing Your Car: The Best Upgrades for 2024


Enhancing your car's style and performance is easier than ever with the latest aftermarket parts. Whether you drive an Audi, BMW, Mercedes, or Volkswagen, these top upgrades for 2024 will make your vehicle stand out on the road.

Volkswagen Collection


  1. Carbon Fiber ASPEC Style Grille for Golf MK7

    • Price: $399.99
    • Upgrade your Golf MK7 with this sleek carbon fiber grille. It provides a sporty and aggressive look, enhancing the car's front end.
  2. Carbon Fiber MTC Style Hood for Golf MK6

    • Sale Price: $1,429.99 (Regular $1,499.99)
    • This carbon fiber hood reduces weight and adds a luxurious touch to your Golf MK6.
  3. Custom Titanium Valved Catback Exhaust for Volkswagen Golf MK7/7.5R

    • Price: $4,850.00
    • This exhaust system not only looks great but also enhances performance and sound, making it a must-have upgrade for your Volkswagen.

BMW Collection


  1. Carbon Fiber GTS Style Hood for G20

    • Sale Price: $2,299.00 (Regular $2,799.00)
    • A lightweight, high-performance hood that combines aesthetics with functionality.
  2. Carbon Fiber CSL Style Front Grille for G80 M3 & G82 M4

    • Sale Price: $999.00 (Regular $1,299.00)
    • Transform the front end of your BMW with this premium carbon fiber grille.
  3. BMW M3 Style Rear Diffuser for 3 Series F30 (2012-2019)

    • Price: $289.99
    • Enhance the aerodynamics and look of your 3 Series with this stylish rear diffuser.
  4. BMW Dry Carbon Fiber Gear Shift Knob for F22, F30, F10

    • Price: $179.99
    • Add a touch of luxury and sportiness to your BMW’s interior with this high-quality dry carbon fiber gear shift knob.
  5. BMW Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers for E92

    • Price: $199.99
    • These carbon fiber mirror covers add a sleek and sporty touch to your BMW E92.
  6. BMW Carbon Fiber Roof Antenna Cover for G20/G80 M3/G42/G87 M2

    • Price: $79.99
    • This cover provides a stylish upgrade to the roof antenna of your BMW, enhancing its aerodynamic profile.

Mercedes Collection


  1. AMG Flat Bottom Steering Wheel Lower Trim Cover (2019+)

    • Price: $74.99 (Regular $79.99)
    • Upgrade your steering wheel with this high-quality trim cover for a more refined interior.
  2. Mercedes AMG Style Ambient Light LED Air Vents (2014-2020)

    • Sale Price: $299.99 (Regular $349.99)
    • Add a touch of ambient lighting to your Mercedes interior with these stylish LED air vents.
  3. Mercedes Panamericana GT Front Grille for X253

    • Price: $349.99
    • Give your X253 a bold, new look with this iconic Panamericana GT grille..
  4. Mercedes Ambient Light LED 3D Rotary Tweeter Speaker for W205/W206/W222

    • Price: $399.99
    • Enhance your Mercedes' interior ambiance and audio experience with these stylish LED 3D rotary tweeter speakers.
  5. Mercedes Carbon Fiber Brabus Style Front Splitter for W205 & W206

    • Sale Price: $949.00 (Regular $1,249.00)
    • This front splitter provides both aesthetic appeal and improved aerodynamics, crafted from high-quality carbon fiber for durability and performance.
  6. Mercedes Carbon Fiber Rear Air Vent Covers for W213 Coupe

    • Sale Price: $349.99 (Regular $399.99)
    • These covers add a touch of elegance to the rear air vents of your W213 Coupe.

Audi Collection


  1. Carbon Fiber JC Style Front Splitter for 8V RS3 FL

    • Price: $1,199.99
    • Boost the aerodynamic profile and aesthetics of your Audi RS3 with this front splitter.
  2. Audi Carbon Fiber Karbel Style Rear Diffuser for 8V A3 & S3 FL

    • Sale Price: $895.99 (Regular $935.99)
    • Complete the sporty look of your A3 or S3 with this carbon fiber rear diffuser.
  3. Audi Dry Carbon Fiber Front Canards for 8V RS3 FL

    • Price: $499.99
    • Enhance the aggressive styling and aerodynamics of your RS3 with these front canards.

Universal Upgrades


  1. Universal Car Seat Covers

    • Prices start at $69.99
    • Protect your car's interior and add a touch of personal style with our range of seat covers. Available in various designs and materials, these seat covers offer both comfort and durability.
  2. Dashboard Covers

    • Prices start at $69.99
    • Protect and enhance your dashboard with these stylish covers. They provide an additional layer of protection against UV rays and reduce glare for safer driving.

Improving Car Performance with Aftermarket Parts



Diffusers are an excellent way to improve your car's aerodynamics. They reduce drag and increase downforce, leading to better handling and stability at high speeds.

Exhaust Systems

By lowering back pressure, improving exhaust flow, and producing an aggressive sound, aftermarket exhaust systems can improve your car's performance.

Car Body Kits

Aftermarket body kits can significantly improve the appearance of your vehicle. They often include components like front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and spoilers, which not only look great but can also improve aerodynamics.

Infotainment Systems

Including Apple CarPlay or Android Auto into your car's infotainment system will help you to enjoy and connect your driving experience. By letting you use the capabilities of your smartphone hands-free, these solutions improve convenience and safety.

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