Maximizing Aerodynamics with Volkswagen Rear Diffuser Canards/Spats for Golf MK7.5R

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In the pursuit of optimal vehicle performance and efficiency, aerodynamics plays a pivotal role, particularly for car enthusiasts who are keen on fine-tuning their machines. For Volkswagen Golf MK7.5R owners, one aftermarket modification that offers both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits is the addition of rear diffuser canards or spats. These components not only enhance the sporty look of your vehicle but significantly improve its aerodynamic properties.

Understanding Volkswagen Diffuser Canards

Diffuser canards are tiny aerodynamic devices mounted on the corners of the rear diffuser of a vehicle. These are motorsports-derived components that are designed to channel the flow under the rear end of a car in such a way as to reduce the turbulence and increase the downforce. This translates to enhanced stability and grip at higher speeds, endearing them to the hearts of performance fans.

The Rear Diffuser Canards for the Volkswagen Golf MK7.5R are all about an upgrade to better handling and a mean race stance in appearance. It doesn't stop as just aesthetics; it serves an essential function in bettering your vehicle's aerodynamic performance.

Volkswagen Aftermarket Parts Australia: Quality and Variety

When shopping for Volkswagen aftermarket parts in Australia, ensure you get only the highest-quality components that complement your equally high-quality Volkswagen engineering. At Euro Empire Auto, we offer our customers some of the best standards in Volkswagen aftermarket parts. Be assured that each modification we do guarantees the highest performance and reliability.

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Key features of the Golf MK7.5R Rear Diffuser Canards

Quality of Material: The Volkswagen diffuser canards are made using only premium carbon fiber, which is strong, durable, and simultaneously lightweight.

Precision Design: Every set is intentionally designed to fit the curvature and aerodynamic shape of the Golf MK7.5R, making no compromise to the original car design.

Performance Improvement: These canards reduce aerodynamic drag and boost the downforce by effectively directing the airflow. This helps reduce lap times and improves the overall experience while driving.

Installation and Compatibility

The Rear diffuser canards installation in Volkswagen Golf MK7.5R is easy, and most of them are designed to allow for a DIY installation. The canards have a custom design to fit the model MK7.5R; hence, there will be no alteration on the car body. However, to those who will only feel satisfied with the professional fitting, it is recommended to consult a respected dealer of car body parts for proper and secure fitting of the canards.

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