Transform Your Mercedes W176 with a Carbon Fiber Varis Style Hood

Mercedes Carbon Fiber Varis Style Hood for W176

Carbon fiber makes an incredible upgrade to your Mercedes W176. Using the Carbon Fiber Varis Style Hood will not only help improve the performance of your car but also uplift its looks. For that, here are the perks of this aesthetic hood, how you can install one on your car, and why Euro Empire Auto should be your choice of supplier for the body parts of your vehicle.

What Gives a Varis Style Carbon Fiber Hood the Edge Over the Others?

Performance Benefits: A Varis-style bonnet made from carbon fiber yields the following extremely valuable performance benefits, at the very least, on your Mercedes W176:

Lightweight: Carbon fiber is lighter compared to stock metal hoods. With this carbon fiber, the vehicle weight would be reduced further, thus improving the vehicle's acceleration handling and fuel efficiency.

Heat Dissipation: The Varis-style hood has vents that support increased air circulation in the engine bay. This feature helps dissipate and eliminate the heat from the engine, which is a very important characteristic for maintaining performance levels, especially under high ambient temperature levels, such as in Australia.

Aesthetic Appeal 

Aggressive Aesthetic Touch: Varis-styled hoods provide your Mercedes W176 with a more aggressive and sporty look. The sleek carbon fiber weave adds that touch of class, distinguishing your vehicle from the others out there.

Customizable: Carbon fiber hoods can be painted or left exposed to show off weaves of the natural look; customize the look of a hood to your taste.

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Installation Tips for Varis Carbon Filament Style Hood

Installing your carbon fiber hood is a simple process, provided, of course, that it is done with accuracy. Here's how to make it smooth:


Gather Tools: Do it with minor tools like a socket set, screwdrivers, and perhaps a heavy-lifting friend.

Workspace: Make sure you have a clean, well-lit workspace. A garage is perfect; however, any flat surface will work.

Removal of Stock Hood

Remove the Battery: Disconnect the battery carefully for safety and to avoid unnecessary electrical accidents.

Unbolt the Stock Hood: Remove the bolts holding the stock hood in place. That generally will require a socket set.

Support the Hood: With the hood supported by someone, have them hold it as you unbolt it to ensure it does not fall.

Installing the Carbon Fiber Varis Style Hood

Put the new carbon fiber hood on the car, carefully positioning it by aligning the bolt holes.

Installation of the Hood: Attach the hood tightly and bolted down so it can be secured.

Align: Test align before final tightening of bolts. No open spaces allow the hood to sit flat on the fenders and front bumper.

Reconnect the battery: Once everything is done, reattach the battery and ensure that the hoot latch is functioning correctly.

Benefits of Carbon Fiber Car Parts

Weight Reduction

When you enable carbon fiber car parts, like the Varis style hood, you will significantly reduce the weight of your car. Your Mercedes W176 will become quicker and very handy on the road because the acceleration and handling will be perfected.

Durability and Strength

Carbon fibers are intended to be tough and strong. The material deals much better with all stresses related to high-speed driving and exposure to diverse weather than its traditional equivalents. This deems carbon fiber car parts as a wise investment toward the best in long-term performance and reliability.

Mercedes W176 with a Carbon Fiber Varis Style Hood

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Transform Your Mercedes W176 Today

Enhancing your Mercedes W176 with a carbon fiber Varis-style hood is the best option for any car enthusiast. At Euro Empire Auto, we offer the best quality aftermarket parts to help you achieve this transformation. Explore our extensive carbon fiber car parts collection in Australia and upgrade your vehicle's performance and aesthetics today.

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